I've had these ready for a good while now, and finally I get to blogging about them!


The first knit is the Puro-tube. The original pattern is from Novita, but I modified it like SatuH did, meaning I didn't double the yarn and cast on 110 stitches. It was knit during a week of illness in bed, with 5mm circular needles. I used a bit less that three balls of Novita Puro (what a lovely yarn!), that is ca. 130 grams.


The second knit is the smaller Ishbel shawl. I made the bigger one for myself for my wedding and had almost one ball of Malabrigo lace left after it. So I knit the smaller Ishbel for my mother's 66th birthday. She loved it!


The shawl is knit on 4mm needles and there are no modifications to the pattern. I used maybe 45 grams of Malabrigo lace! That stuff is so soft and it lasts forever. Plus it's not Australian but from Uruguay, so there's no fear of the merino's being mulesed. I just love it when yarn companies say where the wool originally comes from!

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