101 in 1001 vol 3

Go to nature weekly

I started my third 101 in 1001 challenge and realized I didn't share it at all. The previous ones I have shared 99% completely (see them here: first, second), but this new one is really personal, so I'll just share a few samples. The last one went really bad, but I feel this time around I have some really interesting goals on the list and am really looking forward to achieving them all!


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Knitting goals 2012 review - and no goals for 2013!

I did knit a shawl in 2012

Did you remember I set myself knitting goals in January 2012? Well, me neither..! I have to admit, I completely forgot all about these sometime during the first half year of 2012. But nonetheless I did make some progress though, just look:


So the plans were as follows:

  1. a poncho for my husband
  2. I did this! Photos to follow.

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More goals for my life - 101 in 1001 vol 2

In 2009, I made my first 101 goals in 1001 days list, which I continued to refer to during the last 2,5 years. I wrote a wrap-up of it a few days ago, and now it's time for the next list. With no further ado, here it is for all to see & keep me accountable!


101 in 1001 vol 2




Final update 29th September 2014

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101 in 1001 vol 1 from 2009-2011 - a wrap-up

Japan - a goal reached

On 11th of April, 2009 I posted a list of 101 goals I wanted to reach during the next 1001 days. And behold, on the 2nd of January 2012 these 1001 days were through. Such a long but still such a short time - about 2,5 years.


Throughout the years I kept coming back to these goals, and actually finished the majority of them. I updated the list (see it here) the last time a few days ago, and here are the results:

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WWKIP in Bochum 2010

Milchhäuschen in Bochum Stadtpark
The knitters in WWKIP

On Saturday we had a WWKIP (World Wide Knit in Public Day) meeting in Bochum, which is a neighbor city to Essen. So I packed myself up well (it was freezing) and took the train to Bochum. I first went yarn shopping a bit (more about that later) and then at three headed to the meeting in the cafe in Bochum city park.


There were a few knitters I knew from Essen, and many I didn't know from Bochum, Dortmund and surrounding cities. Plus, there was the amazing camel Dumistvieh, whom you can see in the third picture!


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