Since 2009 I have been doing so-called "101 in 1001" challenges
(see postings here: first, second.) My last one ended in June 2017. I have totally and completely neglected it since, say, 2015? Anyhow, I wanted to show you how I did, nonetheless. Let's see:


101 in 1001 vol 3


Top 10 5-year-plan goals

1. Move to Finland
2. Start building a legacy permaculture garden
3. Visit 5 new countries, one of them being Scotland
4. Own less than 250 personal belongings
5. Write 2 books
6. Get fat% to below 25
7. Live ”consequently” vegan
8. Reach xx


11. Visit Croatia
12. Visit Ireland & go to Blanchardstown Stitch'n'Bitch
13. Visit Madeira
14. Visit USA (again)
15. Visit Bremen
16. Visit Berlin
17. Visit Dresden
18. Visit Helsinki
19. Visit Paris and the Eiffel tower (go up!)
20. Plan and organize a trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Ganyon
21. Go on a cruise
22. Take a bus trip to somewhere
23. Make a night train trip
24. Spend summer of 2015 in Finland
25. Bathe in an ocean
26. Do a bike tour

Minimalism & stuff

27. Declutter 101 things starting from 1.1.2015 (finish current challenge first) and document these
28. Reorganize my room
29. Finish 3 use it up projects (beauty related)
30. Own 20 books only
31. Own 50 skeins of yarn only
32. Own 50 pieces of clothing only (exc. underwear, socks)
33. Own a completely vegan, cruelty free beauty collection (makeup, perfume, hair, skincare...)
34. Get a new phone
35. Get a new computer


36. Write a fiction book
37. Write a fact book
38. Go to drumming course in VHS
39. Learn something totally fun and random
40. Create a political collage
41. Make soap
42. Make candles
43. Sew a summer dress
44. Sew 5 upcycled items
45. Knit a cardigan or sweater
46. Finish knitting 20 objects
47. In addition to that, knit 20 items for preemies
48. Start a Youtube channel
49. Take a ballet class
50. Be a part of a summer theatre play


51. Get fat % to 30
52. Ride my bike to work even once
53. Go to nature weekly
54. Make meditation and relaxation a daily routine
55. Learn to eat only when I'm hungry
56. Make a vegetable based dinner once a week
57. Cook Finnish food, 20 times
58. Wear size 38 with ease
59. Eat raw, 20 days
60. Work out 4 times a week, 10 times
61. Work out min. 2 hours in one day, 10 times
62. Do detox days, 10 times

Fun & misc

63. Watch all Star Trek movies in order
64. Go watch ballet
65. Go ice-skating
66. Go skiiing
67. ”Go out with the girls”
68. Have a picnic
69. Take a picture of myself monthly (33 times)
70. Send a secret to PostSecret
71. Sleep under the stars
72. Quit nail biting
73. Donate blood


74. Read 101 books
75. Read Bildung, alles was man wissen muss
76. Learn speed reading
77. Refresh my French
78. Learn 10-finger typing well
79. Go to all U and Tram end stations in Essen
80. Go to hear 5 lectures/readings
81. Visit 10 exhibitions
82. Finish my ”death list”
83. Do something completely out of my comfort zone, 10 times
84. See 5 movies from before I was born
85. Go to a sports event
86. Start learning a new language

Business & Money

87. Rebuild
88. Make xx $ with Vapauskone
89. Make xxx $ with Vapauskone
90. Make over xx Eur in dividends in a year
91. Write 200 articles
92. Achieve net worth of xxx
93. Quit my job at Atos


94. Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved
95. Create a new dream board
96. Learn to take myself less seriously
97. Learn not to care about what others think
98. Plant a peach tree
99. Plant a nut tree
100. Celebrate each of the yearly sabbaths at least once
101. Create a new business idea and start
102. Live with a cat

103. open for 2015
104. open for 2016


There. Wow. I can actually say I finished 15 of these (the ones in italic). Of course not all were measureable, which is my mistake, but anyhow. It's also crazy to see how much my life has changed. I have no time or interest whatsoever anymore to say, makeup, nor any realistic way to own only 250 belongings (or the time to be counting them!). Many tasks I may have finished, but as I didn't keep track, I can't be sure if I went to five of this and ten of that, or not.


So what now? Reviewing the list I get the feeling I want to do a fourth one, too. Let's see if I do.

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