I wanted to do a WIP Wednesday but...

Rhubarb pie

...I dont have anything that interesting on the needles at the moment! I am working on a scarf, a basic baby blanket, and I think there's even a shawl in the UFO basket, but I'm just not feeling the "post about these knits NOW" vibe, you know?


So I decided to show you my rhubarb pie instead!


The Finnish speakers among you can read the recepie at Kotikokki.net, for the rest of you here's a rough translation:


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Birthday party with pizza


I haven't been blogging much this week, as I've been working hard in the office - and preparing for a party!


I had my birthday this week, and yesterday I threw a little party for friends. We had pizza, knitting and games on the Wii. It was so much fun!


I promised not to post pictures from the guests, and I didn't take any pictures on the knitting (somehow I didn't think of that) so here's a few of the pizzas for you instead. They tasted just as good as they look!

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Wonderful Vegan Banana Cake Recepie

Banana bread

My colleague had his birthday a while back, and brought some banana cake that his wife traditionally makes for his birthday to work to share. It was so wonderful I had to get the recepie, which his wife gladly gave.


However, I wanted to modify the cake to be vegan (I'm currently experimenting with vegan baking quite a lot), so I did and it turned out fantastic! I brought some of my cake to work for my colleague and had him take some for his wife, too, and they both liked the cake very much. I thought you might too, so here's the vegan recepie:


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Hot chilis!


Ok, it's the middle of November, so not really growth season. But tell that to our chili plant, which just grew and grew in size during the summer, and started growing chilis in the autumn! I've harvested one chili already, and five more are still growing! I guess it'll be a spicy hot winter for us (at least the one I already harvested was h-o-t!)

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Happy World Vegan Day (and a pumpkin soup recepie)

Pumpkin soup

Happy World Vegan Day! It starts the World Vegan Month, a perfect time to critically look at our eating habits and their effects on our health, our fellow earthlings as well as the environment. I will be cooking a great, vegan pumpkin soup tonight. Here's the recepie if you'd like to join me:


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I made cheese cake and it tastes good

Look! I made a cheese cake last weekend! An American cheese cake! All on my own! See, I'm not the most experienced or best baker in the world, so I'm really happy that this came out edible.


As you can see from the second picture, the cake is really thin, but the base really thick. That was the only really unsuccessful thing with this cake - the base being too thick and therefore crumbling a lot.


Anyway, half the cake was gone in 30 minutes, so if not so pretty, it is at least tasty!

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