I read an article in Ullaneule a while back about kitchen cloths and how useful they actually are. As backround to you readers, in Finland no-one uses cloths to do the dishes, rather brushes and sponges.


Anyway, the article was very positive and showed that dish cloths can be used as kitchen cleaning cloths rather than actually wasking with them. Now that sounds good, I thought, as I have up until now been using store-bought kitchen cloths that you use and throw away when they get smelly. Not very environmental; I'd rather have something I can wash.


So I made myself some kitchen cloths! The first one is a basic basketweave pattern, and the yarn is TeeTee's Poppari 100% corn yarn! The problem here is (which I noticed after the cloth was done...) that it can only be washed in 30 degrees. So this cloth is for dusting rather than cleaning the kitchen table!


The three other ones are Mandarin petit-cotton (not mercerised), the pattern is called Chinese waves dishcloth, and these cloths get to go to the washing machine in 60 degrees. Oh, and the last one is just plain garter in diagonal) I've been using them already, and they really work! They scrub and hold water, plus they're pretty in the kitchen! What I did notice is that one really has to wash them in 60 degrees and not less, otherwise they will continue to smell... maybe some vinegar would be good too?


PS. Did you notice our new carpet (or is it a rug? Oh the difficulties of English! Anyway, it covers only a part of the living room floor)) - it's gorgeous! We got it from Ikea some weeks ago, and even though it's a pain in the bum to clean, I still like it.

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