Foie Gras is Sick!

Nara are planning on starting a campaign against foie gras in Dublin. As I think foie gras (ducks/goose's pathological, fatty liver) is the most stupid and cruel thing one could eat, I searched the for restaurants that serve this shit in and around Dublin. You couldn't believe how many I found, and I didn't even go trough every menu! See the list after the jump.

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Sun-day means burning your skin and grilling

Sunday was a Hot Day. Brilliant, beautiful sunny day. That calls out for relaxing in the Pheonix Park, knitting the second Ankle Sock, hiding in the tall grass and cuddling the lovely Nic *not published by the wish of the photoshoot object*


Of course I burned myself in the process.  Anyhow, that didn't matter too much, because once we got home we started preparing a barbeque; a a few friends were coming over and we tried out best to make the table respectable. I think we succeeded

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