Got a swap present!

Worsted Knitt

It's been a while since I've taken part in a swap, I don't know why, as I really like them! Well, I've signed up for another one now, even before I got this lovely package from Jo across the channel (UK).


Look at all the lovelies; to mention just a few: pretty yarn (Artesano Alpaca and Rennie 4-ply wool) and an extravagant scarf, tasty toffe licorice and even a mini sock blocker!


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Last month's Squillion Squares

10 more Squillion Squares

It's been a month since my last confession... no, I mean my last Knit a Squillion square posting! I haven't been as busy a bee as I was in August, but I've met my goal and passed it!


This month, I've knit 10 new squares, five in organic cotton, three in sock yarn held double or triple, and one in Lang Eve yarn.

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