I'm trying to knit down my stash, but sometimes new yarn is just absolutely necessary. Like this month, when I went to Lankamaailma with my Mum and my sister - the first visit there for all three of us.


Needless to say, we stayed for more than an hour and looked (and fondled) everything over and over again! My Mum and sister also got nice yarns, but this is my haul, let me give you the grand tour!


My main purchase was 12 balls of Gjestal Foen in blue and 3 in red. This worsted weight bamboo/cotton mix is going to be a summer cardigan sometime in the future. It's really soft and thick enough to make a garment quickly (a quality I'm sure you know I highly appreciate!)


I also got other yarns which I want to try out. Two balls of Gjestal Bris in purple found their way into my basket as I read that the yarn is 50% wool and 50% soy. I've never knit with soy yet, so I'm eager to try. Perhaps I'll make a hat when fall comes from this soft, thick, handwash-only yarn.


I also bought one ball of German yarn from Gruendl Wolle called Butterfly. As you see in the picture, the yarn is actually a net about 10 cm wide. You're supposed to make a fluffy summer scarf with it, like this (a pdf link), and that's exactly what I am planning on making. Somehow I got the impression that one ball would be enough... apparently two are better though, so my Mum will send me another one soon.


I also bought the last remaining skein of Cewec Delano in a grey/pink/purple tone. It was just so pretty! Don't ask me what I am planning on making with it though!


My last but not least purchase was a packet of Swedish mini skeins of wool (this is not even on Ravelry yet!) by the company Järbo. There are ten 10 gram skeins of DK wool in different colours. What a fun idea! Let's see what I make with this pack.


I also made some yarn. This last ball is an old t-shirt from me, which the moths had eaten somewhat. I cut the ok bits into t-shirt yarn. Off to the stash it goes - for now. I also cut up two huge sheets my sister gave to me and made bath mats with them... but that's subject to another blog post; watch this space!

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Nice haul! I love the colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of knitting with soy. I've never used it either. Glad you had a good holiday with your family.

Thanks for the encouragement! I hope to get round to knitting these yarns soon, too (in addition to using the existing stash :D)