The last leg of our almost 3-week trip to the US east coast was a small city visit to Philadelphia, where we spent one day, and Washington DC where we spent two days before taking the bus back up to New York and JFK airport.


Our friend Clem was really nice and drove us to Philadelphia where we spent a nice day looking at the sights. I was feeling really ill though so I missed most of the fun, but by the evening I was a bit better so we went to the Philadelphia art museum, also known as the Rocky steps and the Rocky statue! The view from up the stairs was really beautiful, and lots and lots of people were running up the stairs for a workout, too!


The next day Nick was ill, so our Philly trip was very meager. We were happy to get on the bus and to DC and to a decent hotel for a hot shower and a good night's sleep. That did the trick, and the next morning we were both well and very excited to be able to see Washington DC. We started our long walk at the Capitol, then passed all the museums on our way to the Washington Monument, then to the World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial, all the way to the Arlington Cemetary and JFKs grave. By the time we got there we were really beat already, that is quite a walk we had there! So from Arlington we took the metro to the city, had some veggie burgers and continued our walk to the White house, over to the National Air & Space Museum and back to Capitol. May I say my feet hurt that evening! But nothing what another hot shower and a good night's sleep couldn't fix!


The next day (which was only a short one as our bus to NYC was scheduled for that evening) was brilliant too, we visited the National Gallery of Art and the Hirshhorn Art Museum. I really love that the museums are free in DC, it was so great to be able to see all these artworks without paying so much, and also seeing all these school classes there, being able to go to these places regardless of what kind of money their parents have.


Those were really packed days in Washington DC but I am really glad we went there! Have you been to DC and did you like it?

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