Designer of November 2011 - Cassie Castillo

Cassie Castillo by the courtesy of herself

It's time for this month's designer interview! While I sometimes interview designers I haven't knitted anything from yet, this month's designer made the Argyle Cabled Beret pattern which I knitted (and loved). I really like her other designs too, they're so usable but all with that "little twist"!


Without further ado, I want to present Cassie Castillo to you all fine readers of :)


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More Ruffles!

Ruffle yarn

This ruffle yarn seems to be very "in" currently. I picked up some this summer from Finland. In fact, the brand I bought is a German yarn, which is pretty funny: travelling to Finland, buying German yarn and bringing it back to Germany :) But at that time, I had not seen that yarn here. Now it's everywhere!


So I made a scarf, too. I cast on 8 stitches, and knit until I had two balls used up. The result: a very ruffly, ca 180 cm long scarf.


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