Knit all day, knit all night!

Socks from TicoTico

Yesterday was the day - we finally had the big yearly "knit day"! Last year was the first time I organized it... but as I was ill, I was not able to participate! This year I actually made it to the event :)


From 1 pm (well, I was there half past 11!) to 10 pm we knitted, knitted and knitted! Chatted and knitted, swapped yarn and knitted, were interviewed for television and knitted, ate and knitted... and some crocheted, too!

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Twisted Rib mitts from 2010

Rib mitts

You know what? I finished these mitts in 2010. The only reason I haven't posted about them was because I thought I'd write the pattern down and post the pics then.


Well, I might still do that, but I think it's such a shame these lovely mitts and the great photos my husband took of them might never be blogged, just because I'm not into pattern writing right now! I mean, just looking at these pictures makes me happy, so why the heck just not post now.


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Knit a Squillion Total Tally (for now)

Knit a Squillion squares

In August, I took on the challenge to make 25 squares for Knit a Square by the end of 2011.


Today I proudly present my (most likely the) last squares for 2011 which bring my tally up to 42 squares! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself. I've sent the first patch of squares to South Africa already and my second package is ready for sending, too.


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