Somehow it happens, that on Sundays we drift to the huge American bookstore at the nearby retail park. This time the plan was only to go test whether there's a wifi connection available at Starbucks: apparently that's something they advertise a lot.

Well, they didn't have it, so we just had frappucinos and a piece of cheesecake.


During Sunday we also watched the ballet Giselle by Corps de Ballet of the Teatro Alla Scala on DVD. That was really interesting. The last time I watched ballet I was a grumpy teenager who was forced to watch it during family dinner. This time I actually enjoyed it. But surely, I knit through watching it.


Even more knitting was going on at the knitter's meeting at city centre on Saturday, which was great once again.  Oh, how I wish I lived a bit nearer to the other knitting groups, so I could visit during the week too. I'm gathering up courage to think about starting a West Dublin group sometime. Anyone interested?


Anyway, on Saturday I knitted on Zeepy's bag again. It's really getting along fine. Sorry about the not-so-succeeded picture.


I think I 'need' to start a new project soon: the bag and the sweater are the oly ones going on now!


I'd actually like to knit some fingerless gloves, but that's not the most reasonable think to do in April-May.


Other suggestions are Apupupu's (Finnish Red Cross' campaigne: knitted toys for children that are in need of a friend in the middle of a catastrophe) or the Totally Tubular from Stitch'n'Bitch Nation. What do you think? I'm open for suggestions on what to knit next!

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