WIP Parade

Froot Loop socks

I notice again and again that I hardly ever show WIPs on my blog. Is it because I find WIPs so difficult to photograph in a pretty way, or that I usually finish my small knits so quickly that I don't have the time to blog them while they're still WIPs, I don't know. But I do know I probably won't be finishing these in the next few days, so why not show them to you already.


My April small item from stash is/are the Froot Loop socks. I've just started them and seem to be making god progress. It's so weird to knit socks after a long pause. These small, fiddly needles! The thin yarn! But I'm getting the hang of it again. Also the soy sock yarn feels really good, even though I'm not so crazy about how the striping is coming out.


Next we have the Travelling Woman shawl. I started this a while back just to start something, and it's been my knit night project since. It's coming along quickly though, even though I'm making and fixing mistakes every single row. They just keep appearing, even though I'm certain I'm reading the pattern right! Apparently I'm not - over 2000 Ravelry members have knit this shawl without problems, so it can't really be the pattern, can it?


The last WIP has been on the needles for a long while now. Actually, since January, which makes it my oldest WIP at the moment. The Silver Strand from the book Knitting In the Sun is a lovely shawl, and the pattern is well written, but - the rows are so long! There are double yarn overs! Knit three togethers! The yarn is slippery, too. Let's just say it's not 100% my kind of a knit. I won't give up though and plan to finish this monster before the summer.

Travelling Woman
Silver Stand shawl

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