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Knitting and stitching and felting

Me, too, went to the Knitting and Stitching show in Dublin RDS last weekend. It was my first time there, and I had heard a lot about it.

I thought it was nice, expensive, but quite ok. Most knitters do say, though, that it was much worse this year, than ever before.

Well, I paid dearly to get in, 15 euro is a bit much I think, but there were a lot of nice exhibitions and guilds presenting their work in there. Also many sellers, even though I really didn't go there to buy stuff, but to have a nice day at a knitting fair.

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Torrevieja holiday

We had a lovely week in Torrevieja, South-East Spain in the beginning of the month. No hectic, no fixed plan to see this and that monument - very different to what we usually do, but oh so relaxing! Torrevieja is perfect for that, as there isn't much to do other than enjoy the wonderful weather and sunbathe.

Loma oli ihanan rentouttava, pelkkää päivän paistattelua, säästä nauttimista, hyvin syömistä, ja vapaata ajelua maaseudulla. Torrevieja sopii tällaiseen lomaan hyvin, koska mitään erikoisia nähtävyyksiä tms ei ole!

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Kihlasormukset tulivat / our rings are ready

Heinäkuun viimeisenä ne tilasimme, viikko sitten ne tulivat... mutta ovat kyllä ihanat! Titaania ja kultaa, kevyet kuin mitkä, kauniit muttei mahtailevat. Juuri niin kuin pitikin! Huom! Klikkaa kuvan päällä niin suurenee.


Here they are, our engagement rings. Me and Nick got engaged in July, but just last week the rings arrived. Aren't they gorgeous!


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County Wicklow is Pretty

My cousin left for a holiday, and as she has a car but no permanent parking space, whe brough her car over to our place (we have a parking spot but no car). She was also kind enough to let us use it while she's gone. So, of courise, when Saturday arrives, we pack our stuff and get going. To County Wicklow, the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough. 


Serkkuni lähti lomille ja jätti auton parkkiin pihallemme - oli vielä niin mukava että lupasi, että saamme käyttää sitä. No totta kai heti lauantaina oli lähdettävä matkaan. Menimme Wicklow'n maakuntaan, Wicklow'n vuorille ja Glenalough'iin.

It was a beautiful one-day-trip, well we started early. There was a lot of walking in Glendalough,  and more beautiful scenerey as we drove back up to Dublin via Arklow and Wicklow. Here's some photos for you (after Read More)


Se oli  ihana päivän reissu, lähdimme tosin aikaisin. Kävelimme Glendalough'ssa, ja ajoimme maisemareittiä Arklow'n ja Wicklow'n kautta takaisin. Tässä kuvia (Read Moren jälkeen): 


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Pretty days in Finland part II

A few more moments from Finland. I picked these blueberries myself! You don't believe me? I have hands to prove it:

Nämä mustikat poimin itse! Etkö usko? Katsopa näitä! 

On Monday the heat rose up to 29 degrees Celcius, so a trip to the beach to sunbathe and lake-bathe was mandatory. It was wonderful, even though I din't get too much color.

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Pretty days in Finland

I'm back from my little holiday in Finland! I left last week's Friday, and returned on Wednesday afternoon. It was really lovely there, I had luck with the weather and was meeting so many friends after a while - one after 8 years! Here's some bits of the trip.


Palasin lomaltani Suomesta! Lähdin viime viikon perjantaina, ja tulin keskiviikkona. Oli ihanaa, sää oli mahtava ja tapasin laumoittain ystäviä pitkästä aikaa - yhden jopa kahdeksan vuoden tauon jälkeen! Tässä kuvia. 

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I hate being ill

In my last posting I said that the week had been bad. Well, the last one was worse. First on Sunday last I get the most terrible stomach problems I've ever had, and oh boy did the 3-meter walk to the toilet feel like the 1500 meter hurdles on Monday (no way I could have got myself to work in that condition).


By Tuesday I was feeling steadier, and Wednesday was ok. I worked from home on Thursday, and got a sore throat on that day too. I dragged myself to the office on Friday, and whaddayouknow, weekend was spent in bed.


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Dublin on weekend

For once I had an active weekend, meaning I actually got out of the house, and did something else than knitting, blogging or reading at home. I met my cousin and her husband on Saturday, Nic wanted to come too but was busy. So the three of us went for few pints in the city centre.First we sat in a church that has been trasformed to a pub. No, that was a weird experience. I liked the pub, but the whole idea of drinking in a holy place did kind of freak me out.

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