Ok, I know this seems quite a spring from my usual knitting content, but the theme of this site is also "concious & sustainable living". I think minimalism fits into that perfectly. That's why I wanted to share this great sale by Karol Gadja.


If you're ever been interested in minimalism & looking for a different lifestyle, you should really check this book deal out. It has 17 e-books by 13 authors covering areas like car free living, simplifying your life, building a minimalist life and business, living your dream and following your passion. The normal selling price is over 200 $, now it is being sold for 27$. I bought my pack immediately and now want to recommend this to all of you.


The sale ends on Thursday, so hurry! Click here to view more details right away. I'm planning a series of book reviews on some of these great books, so do come back to hear what I have to say about these guides later on.


Disclaimer: the link is an affiliate link, that means if you buy the book deal, I'll get a part of the sale price at no extra cost to you - thanks for helping me keep worsted-knitt.net up and running!

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