Behold, an FO! I haven't been knitting very much lately due to a change of role in my "real job", which requires a lot of time and learning, plus a general, temporary loss of interest in knitting (terrible, I know!)


That seems to be coming to an end soon though. Well, the job stress will last for a while, but the lust for knitting part is getting better. That can be seen in these two shawl FOs as well.


The main shawl of this blog post is the Rusty Alpaca shawl, which I started sometime in (early...) 2010. It's a simple stockinette triangular shawl knit from the top of my head with ca. 80 grams of Artesano Inca Cloud and 4 mm needles. Simple, pretty, and so warm!


The other shawl you see here is my finished Scroll Lace Scarf made with Hempathy yarn, which I hadn't used before. I made quite a lot of modifications to the pattern, plus it needs blocking, so I will tell more about it in another post.

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