Once in a while my attention gets drawn to the misccellaneous bags in my stash closet, the ones with yarn ends and half balls, the leftover yarns from bigger projects and maybe a few full balls with yarn I don't really know what to do with. To be honest, my attention is actually drawn to the fact that the bags are packed if not overflowing. This is usually the time I take out the bags, take a look at the yarns inside and decide to start a stashbusting project.
This time I decided to knit some simple striped scarves. I've knit stashbusting scarves before (examples here and here), but none in the last year or so. So even though the summer is coming, I picked up my woolen yarns and cast on.
Both of these scarves are knit on 4mm needles. I cast on 36 stitches and started knitting. I made the blueish scarf first - I started with a basketweave pattern, then worked a small garter ridge stripe in green, then continuing with a random-purls stitch for the next bigger stripe/part, and continued in this manner throughout the scarf.
The reddish scarf is pure garter stitch. I just wanted to knit something quick and 100% mindless, what would suit this criteria better than a striped garter scarf?
I used all kinds of yarn scraps for these scarves - mostly wool and wool blends, but also some corn yarn scraps and nearly a ball of elastic cotton blend I once bought for swatching for a summer top (it wasn't suitable for the project I had in mind, so nearly a ball was left over after I finished the swatch). I also used some full balls of Novita Wool, which Muoriska once sent to me as a RAK. I used green and blue for the blueish scarf, and red and pink for the reddish one.
The funny thing is I knit the blue and green using a single strand of yarn on 4mm needles and it came out nice, and the red and pink ones using the yarn doubled - and that looked nice too! Obviously the fabric has a complete different feel and drape to it, but I was a bit surprised I liked both looks so much.
I ended up knitting almost one half of my scraps and half balls into these scarves. I most likely will donate them for a charity collection to a cold country, even though Nick said he'd love to wear the green one!

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What a great way to use up scraps--and help out a charity. Heaven knows I have lots of scraps (mostly sock yarn). Perhaps I need to do that as well.