Sagittaria is such a pretty shawl! I still think so, even if it took me months and months to finish one myself.


Don't get me wrong though, it's not the pattern's fault at all. It story goes a little something like this:


Last autumn I joined the Finnish Christmas swap, and got a swap partner who happened to have the Sagittaria shawl in her queue. She seemed to have a rough time at that time, too, so I thought I'd knit her that shawl even though a handmade item was not a requirement in that swap. So I went to my stash and came up with Lana Grossa Cotton Stretch sock yarn in bright blue.


So I cast on and ploughed through the lace pattern (lace on the wrong side too!) and got to the edging - and that's when the yarn ran out.


Of course I didn't have any more in my stash. To my shame, at this point the shawl became a UFO. I sent my swap partner another shawl I had ready and pushed the Sagittaria into the depths of my pile of WIPs.


At some point I was sure I was going to rip it, but I didn't, instead I went online and managed to get a ball of the same colour. One thing led to another and I finally had a finished shawl in my hands.


Of course it took me another month to block and to photograph it, but here it is now, the Noturious blue shawl modeled by moi.


As for the specs, I knitted the shawl without any modifications with 4mm needles. To my surprise the cotton stretch yarn was OK to block and continues to keep its form. The yarn and therefore the shawl is not very soft, so I am not quite sure what to do with it. I haven't worn it yet. What would you do - keep, give away or something else?

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I think it's lovely! Well done for getting another ball of the same colour and finishing it. It's a shame it's not very comfy though. Maybe a soak with a little bit of conditioner in the water might soften it a bit?
I'd keep it if I were you, that colour suits you.