This must be the millionth Clapotis in the world. But it's mine, and it's beautiful.


I started and almost finished it in one weekend, that being the long weekend we travelled to Bavaria to see Nick's parents - that means altogether 14 hours in a train, and relaxing at their place in between!


The yarn is Noro Kureyon sock yarn in colour S185, and I knit it on 4,5mm needles to make it loose and drapey. That worked fine! I followed the advice without any mods, and am quite happy with the result!


The shawl took just a bit of the second ball of Kureyon - I wonder what should I do with the rest? I think it's too beautiful (and scratchy) for socks. A mini Clapotis?

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Did you use the standard size of clapotis or make it a mine. If so, where did you shorten or make less wide? Thank you for your help...been wanting to do this for some but not sure if I have right amount of yarn. I have koro silk garnden yarn.