So this thing... it's not quite as pretty as I hoped, and it's not very flattering on me, but hey, I knit it so I will show it here as well.


Pattern: Cloud Bolero by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Marengo by G-B (a local German brand, the yarn is wool and acrylic)
Needles: 7mm KnitPicks circular
Modifications: none


I knit the size M, and it fits me well. However this type of garment doesn't look too good on me I have noticed. Not sure how much use this will get... it does warm my shoulders nicely! We'll see, maybe I'll even end up giving it to someone.

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From your picture I think it looks great on you. I'm thinking of this pattern for my teen daughter & lengthening the sleeves a bit. You did an awsome job. Cute colors. Thanks for sharing.