I'm tackling an adult-sized garment

I'm so excited! As you may know, I am a relatively new knitter, and have never yet knit a 'bigger' item like a sweater or cardigan (except for a baby cardigan) Somehow I just don't get round to it, even though I'd like.


Well, I thought I'd start with small steps. So I cast on Hug.


I reconed it's a garment, almost like a cardigan, but not as big and intimidating. Plus I really like it and will need someting like that for my always-cramped showlders.

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The socks are ready

I made it, my first real pair of socks is ready and in use. The new owner seems happy enough to have recieved them (well, he saw me working on them hard), but to be honest they are not the best-made socks I've seen.


I chose the wrong cast-on, made the heelpflap bit weird, and picked up way too many sticthes - and decrased far too slowly to fix that mistake. Did I mention I had too big needles? Or well, maybe not, the airy effect is nice, but the new sockowner is concerned they'll break right away. They might, who knows.

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