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Creativa, part 2

Here some more impressions from Creativa, the gorgeous craft fair in Dortmund, which I visited last Wednesday.


First the coolest ones. A lovely picture, no? But look at pic two: it's made with cross stitching! This was part of a Latvian stitch art exhibition, and I must say I was really impressed!


There were many interesting pieces from Latvia, but I just photographed this one, because I found it so fascinating.


The third and the fourth picture are similar: you first see some nice pictures, and then you come closer - and you notice they are knit!


How marvellous is that!


Now, click "Read more" to see some mathematical quilting!

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Creativa, part 1

I had Wednesday off work this week; I still had a day left of holidays 2008, and if I don't use it by the end of March, it's gone. So we originally thought, Nick and me that is, thet we'll go to Düsseldorf and see some sights. However, Nick got ill and stayed in bed that day.


I had read about the craft fair Creativa on Ravelry, and it happened to start on the Wednesday. And when the weather decided to very sightseeing-unfriendly, I made up my mind and headed to the fair in Dortmund.


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I made cheese cake and it tastes good

Look! I made a cheese cake last weekend! An American cheese cake! All on my own! See, I'm not the most experienced or best baker in the world, so I'm really happy that this came out edible.


As you can see from the second picture, the cake is really thin, but the base really thick. That was the only really unsuccessful thing with this cake - the base being too thick and therefore crumbling a lot.


Anyway, half the cake was gone in 30 minutes, so if not so pretty, it is at least tasty!

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Christmas in Finland

Finally I get back to my normal blogging rythm, I hope. Vacation and the Sudan project have taken up all my time lately - we spent 8 days over Christmas in Finland. I was so happy to meet my family and see some familiar surroundings. I like Essen, but one does get homesick from time to time! Here are some impressions from the trip.


First, the Helsinki harbour.


Picture number two is the Christmas tree at my Mum's.

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Merry Christmas!

I'm on holidays with Nick in Finland, and will be returning to normal life and blogging in some days. But not yet! So I will just wish you all a very merry and beautiful Christmas!


Once I return, there'll be quite an interesting knitalong/crochet-along for Darfur - please check back before New Year's for details!

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Riesenrad! The big wheel!

Today we went to the "big wheel", the "Bellevue Riesenrad" at Essen centre. It was really expensive, 4,50 per person, but I would say it was worth it. The day was clear, the sun was slowly going down, and the wheel was really big! That means we could really see far away!


It's amazing how here, in the middle of Ruhrpott, you see city landscape everywhere: industry, buildings, and little strips of forest. You can clearly see that millions of people live in this area. But it's still beautiful.


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Back to life

Just a hi to everyone, I've been ill the whole last week and just now getting on my feet again. Boy that was a mean cold I had!


But, I have knits to show and stories to share - later this week or next weekend at the latest!

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