We have a winner! Or three, to be exact

First of all I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who commented on my new blog looks. All the feedback was lovely and much appreciated! Thanks so much, and please do stop by again :)


I wrote all names on little pieces of paper, and Nick as my Mr. Fortuna pulled out three names. That means, I am happy to announce the winners!


First, a beautiful canvas tote from the Shirtsofberlin Worsted Knitt collection goes to Jackie! Congratulations!


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One last chance for getting 5$ off a shirt

I had a competition below - help me pick a pattern and win a coupon to our shirt shop, but no one seemed to know what I should do with the yarn!


So, this is the last chance! Drop me a line, and the coupon is yours.


The gift coupon is worth 5$ and goes to our American Shirt shop where the you can order anything and get 5$ discount. Most suitable for orders from the US/Canada!


This offer stands only a few days! Hurry!

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