First of all I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who commented on my new blog looks. All the feedback was lovely and much appreciated! Thanks so much, and please do stop by again :)


I wrote all names on little pieces of paper, and Nick as my Mr. Fortuna pulled out three names. That means, I am happy to announce the winners!


First, a beautiful canvas tote from the Shirtsofberlin Worsted Knitt collection goes to Jackie! Congratulations!


Second, something handmade by me  -a mobile / slim camera / PDA cozy (my own design) - goes to Ria F! Hope you like it!


Third, something German, which this time is some tea "Ruhrgebietstraum", a mix of the region goes to Stricker! Which is funny, because I noticed she actually lives in Germany. Luckily in a different state, so the tea has some exoticness to it!


Congratulations to all winners, I hope you like your prizes!  If you can't see them, press "Comment" or click on the posting title!

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... and Stricker already got her tea (the joys of living in the same contry!) Hopefully the'll bring joy to the winners!