This Hamster month KAL has really kicked some stashbusting energy in me. I've been knitting like crazy the last week. Let me show you what I've done.


First the dust mitts. Some inspired soul at the Hamster blogs got the idea of using up eyelash yarn by making them into thumbless mitts which can be used to dust surfaces without a cloth. Well, I had lots of eyelash left, plus the acrylic scraps left from the Log cabin blanket, so I made some. Seven, actually. They weigh altogether 259 grams, that's 2+ balls of eyelash and the rest is acrylics.


Made by holding the acrylic and the eyelash together, 6mm dpns, different sizes - most have either 32 or 28 stitches across. The cuff is ribbed, and the hand part is plain stockinette. The decreases I did at the beginning of every needle, by knitting 2 together. So simple! I'll be giving these as funny presents to my family, and keeping some for myself too!


Stay tuned for more funny knit-from-the-stash projects!

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