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This book review is untypical as it is about a Finnish book which is not (yet) available in English. I just have some comments which I need to say kind of, so I will use my blog even though it might not interest all my readers. The book by "financial personal trainer" Jenni Salosmaa has just come out and as I love to devour all books about personal finance and especially ones for women, I of course got this from the library as soon as I could.


The book starts out really interesting, talks about finance and women as expected, but also themes like sharing economy and how the current way of business and consumption cannot work any longer and that we need really to start thinking about our shopping habits and money from that point of view also. That was a really refreshing touch, which I didn't expect in a book like this, but was very happy to find there!


Then the actual "course" started, eight steps to being the "queen of the portemonnaie" (the title translated). It started with thinking about your values and what money means to you, and moved on to question our beliefs on money. After that it got down to business, calculating ones net worth and tracking ones spending.


Right about there I started getting a weird feeling of deja vu... how was this all so familiar? Untill I got it: the 9-step-program in Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominquez and Vicki Robin is very, very similar! In fact, some of the concepts, steps and even wording are identical, at least to my eyes. Now, Your Money or Your Life has never been translated to Finnish so I could be wrong, but it sure looks similar to me.


To my bewilderment the book was not listed in the references and recommended reading section. I don't really understand why and I find it a bit annoying that it isn't featured. I mean, give credit where it is due, right? That it wasn't mentioned gave me a really bad feeling about the whole book, as did her push for her own coaching services at the end. I am sure it will be of great help to many women, but for me it was just a bewilderment why in my eyes the key source and reference wasn't mentioned, and it ruined the whole experience for me.


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Just read the book and I had the exact same feeling of deja vu as you did. I have also read Your money or your life-book in the past. Found your blog by googling to see if other people might have noticed the same thing. Lost interest in the book after finding similarities...not sure if its just a coincidence. I also checked the references and found no mention of Vicky Robins book.