A while back I blogged about the failed Christmas present for Nick, which felted so badly I had to throw it away. Well, I knit it, or them, again, and felted them with much caution this time - and they worked out fine this time!


They are the 8-square-slippers (in Finnish) and they are gorgeous! Plus, Nick loves them, he wears them all the time. Success!


Here are the stats:


Pattern: The 8-square-slippers, with 14 stitches and ca. 20 rows per square

Needles: 10 mm

Yarn: Novita Huopanen felting wool in white, dark blue and red

Mods: Added some Regia slide stoppers to the bottom!




Neuloin Nickille 8 neliön palatossut - toiseen kertaan! Ensimmäiset huopuivat pilalle. Lankana Novitan Huopanen, puikot 10 mm pyörö, käytetty suorien tapaan. Huovutin tossut useaan otteeseen erilaisissa hienopesuohjelman osissa!

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