Knitting Resolutions for 2011

My stash

I think it's time to publish my knitting goals for 2011. 2011 is the last year of my 101 in 1001 list, that means the knitting goals I have listed there must be finished this year. Therefore most of my goals will be from that list, but I also have a few new things, or goals set higher than in the 101 list. Let's take a look:

  • Stashbust 100 balls from stash
  • Get and keep stash under 5 kilos

Why this? As you might have noticed I've read a lot about minimalism and decluttering the last year, and have as result started striving towards a life with less stuff and more experiences. For that, the now 11 kilo stash is just too much. I want to be able to fit all my yarn into the three bins I have bought for the stash, and I want them nicely filled, not overflowing. My guess is, to achieve that the stash should be under 5 kilos.


I also want to knit loads this year (see the goals below), so 100 balls should be an achievable yet challenging goal.


  • When obtaining yarn, focus on ecological, reclaimed, and / or second hand yarns

I am vegetarian, I am very much for sustainable living, I don't drive, I eat and buy organic - I think it's time my knitting habit got ecological and sustainable, too. In my retrospective 2010 I noticed I have been using a lot of recycled yarns for projects, really without noticing it. This year I want to make that conscious and really make an effort to tread lightly on this planet also when I'm knitting.


  • Knit a sexy thing
  • knit a Drupal hat
  • knit a linen shawl
  • knit real gloves and
  • knit a skirt

These are goals taken directly from my 101 list. Anyone know a good pattern for a linen shawl? I have about 150 grams of laceweight linen in my stash to be used for that purpose.


  • Knit 50 things for charity

50 things for charity is a big deal for me. I plan on making small items, like preemie socks and hats, and cat toy mice, but it will still need quite some effort to knit these things. I plan on keeping close track of my progress and let you know how I'm doing!


Have you made any knitting goals for 2011?

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