It's not often when I do any kind of craft that doesn't include yarn, but the seldom times when it happens, I really like it. This time the final product was successful too!


It's a long time ago when I accidentally felted Nick's sweater, I made a sweater bag out of it - here's the link to the type of sweater bag tutorial I used, I couldn't find the exact one I used.


Anyway, I had this felted tote finished, but it didn't seem sturdy enough to use, so I decide to line it. But: I have no sewing machine nor access to one. As I didn't have any plans for the bag, I took the bag with me to Finland with the plan to line it there. Now, this was LAST SEPTEMBER. I didn't line the bag then, but I left it there to wait for a better time. This time around I had good time and interest to finish the bag, and with my Mum's help it even worked! Just look at the bag!


You'd never guess what the lining is! I'll tell you: it's an old pillow case. Its width even fit the bag perfectly so that I only needed to cut out the excess length and the handles - the lining is all one piece!


I first sew the pillow case to the bottom of the bag. Then I turned and pinned the upper end of the fabric so that it would fit the bag, and then just sew it in place. So simple!


It's really not perfect (the last time I've used a sewing machine was in the late 1990s!), but it's beautiful to me and I like it a lot. I mean, I reused a sweater and a pillow case to create something new and lovely. Now that's really something! It only needs some kind of closing system now. Let's hope it doesn't take me another year to do that!


Do you have any good reusing ideas or projects you've done recently? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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