There's one annoying thing about Novita, the largest Finnish yarn brand: they change their selection very often! I read about the lovely new yarns on Ravelry or get a few balls from my sister to try them out. I plan to buy (more) of this yarn the next time I visit Finland. By the time I get to visit Finland, they've discontinued the yarn! The bad thing is that I then can't get the yarns or colourways I want. But the good thing is that if I do find the yarns, they'll be in the marked down bin!


Like the first two yarns here: Flip Flop and Puro Batik. I got four balls of Flip Flop, a bulky acrylic yarn made out of recycled plastic bottles, from my sister last winter and really loved making baskets from it. I was hoping to buy more of it in a funky colour, but only found it in black. As it was marked down heavily to 1,66 € per 100% ball, I bought the remaining five balls anyway. I'll lighten up whatever I make from it with other, cheerier coloured yarns.


Puro Batik, a really soft aran weight acrylic yarn, wasn't marked down as heavily, but I was able to get the colours I wanted. I'm wondering if 400 grams would be enough for a funky top?


I also got some "staple yarns": two balls of Novita Isoveli, a bulky wool yarn, to make a new Kuebel hat or two for Nick.


I also promised to knit him socks and asked him to choose a ball of Tico Tico, a new sock yarn by Novita. He liked two yarns and I bought both. I was at home I noticed Tico Tico is sock weight (to be knitted on 2,5 mm needles, that's US 1.5) and not the typical Finnish sock yarn weight DK (3-4 mm needles, that's US 3.25-3.5)! Now I have to knit him small gauge socks - and his feet are size 46! That's US 12! Maybe I could knit him anklets? That wouldn't be cheating, now would it?

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Size 12 socks? Oh dear. Although it's not the legs that are the hard part, it's the never ending feet!
Maybe try toe up?
Your purchases are lovely & bargains!
The yarn made from recycled bottles sounds interesting...