For today's Knitting & Crochet Week post (theme: a past FO) I chose Zeepy's bag, a FO from my early knitting days! This bag was actually the topic in my second-ever blog post back in 2007!


Zeepy's bag is a pattern from and Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook, one of the first knitting books I obtained. I knit it pretty much according to the instructions, but obviously having no idea about gauge or how a loose hand will affect the fabric, it ended up huge and really loosely knit. I did change the pattern a bit, and added a cable to the side. I was quite adventurous, don't you think! Here's the original blog post showing the FO.



So how's Zeepy's bag today? It's way too big to use as a handbag, and much too loose for a shopping bag - so we use it to hold our to-be-recycled paper! It's big enough for that and the looseness of the fabric doesn't matter during the 50-meter walk to the recycling bin. The looseness is actually a benefit while collecting the paper, as the bag can really hold a great amount of paper! Here the bag is photographed outside the closet it's usually in.


Oh, and the tag for today's post is knitcroblo6 (search this in a search engine and you'll find many other participants of the Blog Week)

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