I thought you'd like to see the yarn I got from Finland in July. Here it is (and that's all - I didn'z go crazy this time!)


First the Schoeller+Stahl Elfin Color acrylic and mohair mix. I felt a bit silly buying German yarn in Finland, but it was in sale and I haven't seen it here, so I just took it with me. Later I found out it has been discontinued . I bought three balls, even though there were four left in the shop. I still regret not buying the last one! I think I'll be making a shawl out of this at some point.


I also bought some (=three balls) new Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair, the same yarn I made my Fifi with. I really liked working with this yarn; it wasn't itchy or splitty, and you can knit it with big needles (the Fifi was made on 6mm needles and in my opinion that is a good size for this yarn when making a lacey shawl (which most likely this yarn will end up becoming).


Then I just bought some red Nalle for basic warm socks, and a ball of discounted Just Bamboo yarn just for trying it out. It's a 100% bamboo ribbon yarn - I'm excited to try it out!


The grey Finnish sheep's wool yarn I didn't buy, but got as a price from Olebrumm for sticking to my yarn diet rules in the Finnish yarn diet group on Ravelry, Lankalaatikko. This yarn is locally produced in Finland and smells lovely like sheep!


I haven't tried any of the yarns out yet, but I guess that's typical for me - stash up and knit later...

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