Cotton Almonde

You've seen the most of the stash my friend gave me already, but there are still yarns to show.


This post will be all about cotton! The first two balls are bright pink 100% unmercerized cotton - it says Almonde on the ball band. Very good feeling yarn, I think knitting this will be a joy.


Next there are 5x50 grams of mercerized fingering weight cotton in white, called Marika Gazelle. I wonder if that will be enough for a summer top? In the same picture two balls of Happy Hobby Tonga, a slightly thicker yarn which will propably end up as a string bag.


Lanas Stop Nilo is also white, but it's in fact a cotton/linen blend. It feels wonderful! I have no idea how to use it, but I'll just fondle it in the mean time.


Last but not least there's a miscellaneous set of yarns, most of them cotton or blends. The blue yarn was in fact acrylics and has been already used up to make squares for Knit a Square (pictures coming up, I've been very productive!)


Now there's only the alpaca and the angora left - look forward to my next post to see them!

Marika Gazelle & Happy Hobby Tonga
Lanas Stop Nilo
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