I don't know what I thought when I packed the April small item last year. I had packed some Regia Galaxy sock yarn, and a pattern for yoga socks which calls for DK yarn!


As I had recently made yoga socks I decided to find something more suitable for the Galaxy yarn. I found a pattern in Ravelry called LIR Galaxy, which was designed for this yarn, and seemed fun enough.
Needles 2,5mm dpn's
Yarn: as stated, Regia Galaxy
Pattern mods: I had some trouble understanding the pattern, mainly I was too lazy to read it through, so I made some modifications. I made the back increases differently, plus I didn't omit the ribbing in the foot.


I should have made a bit more ribbing in the beginning, the socks slouch a bit, but other than that I like them. The yarn even made some galaxies!


I'm modelling the socks here with my wedding dress!

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