Assets of Evo hotpants & mah bum

Finally I get to blog these hot pants aka hotpants! I started knitting them last summer, and they have actually been ready for quite some time now, but as always it takes time to get some photos and and and..!


But here they are, and here are the stats:
Pattern: Assets of Evo by Marnie McLean
Yarn: Junghans Wolle Opal, a few balls of purple and a bit of grey.
Needles: 3,5 mm
Modifications: made the legs a few rows longer and possibly misunderstood the ruffles, so they are v-e-r-y ruffly now! And no application, the hotpants are plain.


I love these fun hotpants! I won't wear them in the public too much I think, but the little I do it will be fun I'm sure. They'll wait in my closet for spring, as the weather has now finally in accordance with the season, so hotpants are not the best garment just now!


How do you like these little sexy things?

Assets of Evo hotpants
Assets of Evo hotpants
Assets of Evo hotpants
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