I haven't been very productive a knitter last week, there's quite lot of stress at work, and so many other things to do than knitting. However, Easter came and helped to conquer the knitting deficit. Here some FOs to show, both finished during Easter.


First, Nick's Dashings are done.

Needles: 4mm dpns. Yarn: Marks and Kattens Eko Ull, which I got as a swap present from Else during Coffee swap 3. Started and finished in March. Modifications: shorter cuff with only two cable rounds, longer finger cover. The size is small.


Next, I have an experimental project - a bath mat. I had an old sheet, which was no more usable as a sheet, but which was still quite intact, and the colour is lovely! I decided to rip it, and knit with the fabric. So I started on Easter Sunday (pic 1)

I sat down with the sheet and some scissors, and cut it to strips.

It made quite a big ball, and I didn't even cut it all! That's a normal glass next to it - it was like a small football.

On Monday, I picked up my 15 mm needles and the ball, and sat outside to knit. I had a pattern / inspiration, the Flannel Bath Mat from Knitting Pattern per day Calendar (by Karen Skowron), according to which I started knitting. However I soon realised that I will need to make the mat much bigger than the pattern calls for, so I just kept on knitting for more repeats than the pattern called for. I also did a bit different egding to it. 


In just 2 hours of knitting and occational sunbathing (just the face, I'm in Ireland) the mat was done!

The size is right - the slippers are of size EU 40 - and the mat feels so soft to the foot! I am really happy about this project, because it's beautiful, useful and needed, plus because I was able to reuse something that otherwise would have been tossed, and create new from it. A true feel-good project!

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