I have another Ysolda design FO which I actually finished a long time ago. Sometimes the taking pictures part takes longer than the knitting, don't you agree?


It's the Scroll Lace Scarf by Ysolda, and I knit it with a little more than one ball of Hempathy , which is a lovely yarn with 40% hemp, 40% cotton and 20% modal. I had never knit with hemp before, and I was surprised how soft the yarn was. I am definately planning on getting more hemp yarns to try out.


I had two balls, but I was very concerned about running out, so I modified the pattern a lot. I did 16 repeats of the border lace instead of 28, and that changed the numbers of the scarf body as well. I then ended up having 136 picked up stitches, which I then worked in short rows until all stitches were used up. There was supposed to be a provisional cast on and all, but I just did the loop cast on and therefore also picked these stitches up to the scarf body. That was not how it was supposed to be done, but it looks good enough for me!


I think I used 4 mm needles... but I am not quite sure anymore! Anyhow I did the picot cast off, which makes me very proud of myself!


Plant fiber as it is, the scarf didn't really give in to blocking, so the edges continue to curl a lot. So I call it the Curly Scarf and wear it as a skinny summer scarf. I actually don't have many of those (yet)!

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