One last chance for getting 5$ off a shirt

I had a competition below - help me pick a pattern and win a coupon to our shirt shop, but no one seemed to know what I should do with the yarn!


So, this is the last chance! Drop me a line, and the coupon is yours.


The gift coupon is worth 5$ and goes to our American Shirt shop where the you can order anything and get 5$ discount. Most suitable for orders from the US/Canada!


This offer stands only a few days! Hurry!

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The shops are up and running

Nick did a lot of work on these, and I made a big update today at the shops, but now they are well stocked, good looking and hopefully pleasing to knitters.

For the American market we have shirts and canvas bags at and coffee mugs at Zazzle

In Europe, we have a wider selection of shirts, but no mugs yet. The shop is divided in two: our main shirt shop in

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Knitt and PURRRL available!

Me and Nick have designed some knitting themed merchandise (or Nick has if I have to be really honest, but I talked him into it!)


The current, cat and knitting themed shirt designs are here


At the moment we offer coffee cups on the US trough Zazzle and black t-shirts in Ireland trough Shirtsofberlin. The pictures here are direct links to Shirtsofberlin, to the shirt itself.

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