Heavy duty PDA cozy

Heavy duty PDA cozy
Heavy duty PDA cozy

Another small but fun and useful knitting pattern from me!


This piece was originally called Nick's PDA cozy, because I made the first version for my fiancée, Nick. However I think "Heavy duty PDA cozy" is better, because that's what it's made for - protecting the PDA that is travelling at the bottom of a bag, hitting the ground now and then. And it works!


Nicks's PDA is still good as new. I made the first cozy  a while ago, but didn't write the pattern down then. This is a bit modified "version 2.0" of the original cozy.


I offer this free knitting pattern for no fee for your own personal use - you may not sell this pattern or the products you knit using it (please ask me about charity).


Please if you like this pattern do concider taking a look at the products I advertise here on my website and use my links for your Amazon & co purchases - it earns me a small fee to be able to cover the costs of running this blog!


The cozy is planned to be thick, so that in case the PDA gets dropped or takes a hit it doesn't get damaged.That's why the gauge is so tight and the yarn so thick. The seed stich stripes make the grip better, plus the bottom one helps when pushing the PDA out of the cozy. The opening is a bit smaller than the rest of the cozy so the PDA won't slip out on its own. This cozy is knit in the round (the pattern is for dpns) and has no seams.


The yarn is bulky but the needles are DK - this is to achieve maximum thickness of the fabric. The pattern can be quite easily modified to mobile phones or smaller PDAs, or cameras even. You can cast on more or less stitches at the beginning for width, increase more stitches at the sides, or leave the increases be for a smaller cozy. You can knit more or less rows to suit the hight of your PDA.


Obviously the cozy can be used for other mobile devices as well - a friend is currently using one for his iPhone.


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