I went to Finland for a couple of days, to meet my family and to relax a bit. What better way to relax than going to the sauna every day, and learning to knit entrelac (not simultaneously, mind you). I cast on and made some progress on the Danica scarf during the 5 days I was there.

Knitted on 5mm needles, yarn is Lana Grossa's Furetto I got for Christmas.

The scarf is knitting up so quickly and beautifully! I am in love with this beautiful yarn, which is wool, alpaca and acrylic. It's perfect for the entrelac project, as many colours are just enough for one square. It brings a lovely effect to the scarf.


But that's not the only scarf I want to show you. When I got home, I decided the other scarf I've had on the needles since last April must get ready soon. So ta-da, yesterday I got it off the needles and have just blocked it.


Viimeviikkoisella Suomen-lomalla aloitin Danica-huivin ja siitä onkin tulossa ihana! Pehmeä, nopea kutoa ja mahtavat värit. Tekniikka onkin kuulemma suomeksi konttineule, englanniksihan sanovat entrelac. Maltan tuskin odottaa, että saan tämän valmiiksi. 

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