Where do I like to knit? That's today's question in the Knitting Blog Week blog-along.


I'm afraid my answer will be rather boring - on my sofa. We have two two-seating white faux leather sofas, and the other one is my realm! There is usually at least one project on the sofa, plus some more in the craft baskets on the floor. My supplies like patterns, scissors and little booklets to write down pattern ideas and notes are stored on the livingroom/sofa table.


I must admit I really like my sofa! It's comfortable and everything is in reach. When it's cold I throw the Log Cabin blanket over my legs, when it's hot I open the window. I can watch TV from here, or just enjoy the peace (I do this especially on Sunday mornings when DH likes to sleep late).


I hate clutter, so I try to keep this area rather clear, at least during the times when I'm not actually sitting and working there. When I'm knitting a bit of a creative chaos is not bad at all, if it means I can reach everything I need easily.


I almost always knit here - except for Monday evenings, because that's when I go to my knitting group in the creative center Unperfekthaus.
Oh, and the tag for today's post is knitcroblo5 (search this in a search engine and you'll find many other participants of the Blog Week)

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The sofa is definitely not boring (not to mention that I think we might have the same one!). Your log cabin blanket is lovely...I'm knitting one for a friend's wedding, but I don't think I have the patience to do one for myself.

Great space! Sounds very similar to mine: blanket at the ready and window nearby. I love the log cabin blanket you have going there.