This month is Hamster month which means no buying yarn, and knitting as fast as I can from stash. Well, I've been doing really good! Just take a look at the blanket. What do you think it weighs?


900 grams!


And that all from stash; the not-so-lovely acrylic stash I accumulated last year when arriving in Germany "Oh my there's yarn in the supermarket, I must hoard all of this NOW!" I used almost two 400 gram giant balls of the stuff, plus some older Poundworld acrylics from Ireland.


Here are the official stats:
Pattern: Mason-Dixon Baby Log cabin blanket, sligthly modified.
Needles: 6mm
Yarn: NKD Nova Exclusiv 100% acrylic, and the already mentioned Poundworld scraps - yarn held double throughout the project.
Yardage: whopping 1800 metres!


The colours are not quite right in the photos, rather in between the two pictures. Very happy combination though!


I'm really happy about this blanket, it's really warm and pretty, and will be easy to clean. The fabric feels nice and thick, thanks to the double-held yarn. If I ever happen to bring home another kilo of the stuff, I know what I will be making out of it!

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