've had these finished for a while now, but always forgot to blog them. Well, here they are now, the Cat socks and the Freeform blanket, previously seen here as WIPs.

The cat socks were just the nicest and quickest knit! I learned fair isle, and got myself a pair of warm socks, not to mention all the yarn is from my stash.

I knit them on 3,5mm needles, and used different kinds of yarns from the stash - Busse Wolle (from West-Germany! True vintage) and some of the Novita Julia that was left from my sweater .

I've also finished the freeform blanket.

It was done with different yarns and needles, mostly 5mm and 6mm. It weighs ca 500 grammes, so quite many balls and pieces of scraps were used! For stash busting purposes I would recon I used maybe 1 kilometre of yarn! Nice.




Sain taannoin jo valmiiksi freeform-torkkupeiton ja kissasukat, mutta nyt vasta blogiin. Molemmat kudoin omasta lankavarastosta, uusia ei tarvinnut ostaa. Kissasukat varsinkin on ihanat.


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