Knits in progress

I haven't shown any recent knits in progress, but only published them when done. I think some of you might enjoy seeing the WIPs too, so here goes.


First, I'm working on the second Dashing for Nick. I'm modifying them a bit - making the cuff shorter, and the finger bit longer, to make them more usable in the Irish weather. The yarn is organic wool, and it's gogreous! Smooth, not itchy, beautiful... I like it. Here's the mitt.

Next, after finishing that cat bed, I decided I can't be without a cat anymore! I miss them so much, and I only have the pig to model my cat beds. That can't be. So I'll knit myself a cat:

I know he doesn't look like much yet, but just wait... The yarn is Lana Grossa Tiramisu, which is extremely soft and knits on bign needles. I have a feeling this kitty is going to be cuddly. 


The Hug shrug I'm working on is almost done, just needs the most of the second sleeve. I'm knitting it in the round, so once I finish knitting, it's done! I tried to take a photo of it, but that didn't seem to work - all the pictures were very dark and didn't really show how the shrug looks like. So the photos will come when it's finished! 

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