I've been knitting hard lately, but bigger things (except for the Mouse Mitt ) and haven't had so many FOs to show. Well, I'll show my works in progress then.




Jokusia neulomuksia työn alla:




First, my pride and joy; another pattern from me (courtesy of Nick's Cat relaxing motif) , the Cat relaxing bag. Here's the front

It's going to be a big, felted bag. The pattern is all mine, and I am writing it down as I go. Watch this spot, I'll publish it here. Isn't it gorgeous! I'm so proud.

Next, I've got the funky freeforming blankie, and it's almost done. Just needs finishing now.

Last but not least, the Kitty Socks from Kitty Knits

They're my first real Fair Isle, and a lot of fun! 

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