I don't mean it's corny in the meaning of tacky or ridiculous, I mean it's made out of corn! The whole shawl is knit with 100% maize yarn, the Finnish TeeTee Poppari.


The pattern is also Finnish, the Minttumaari shawl from Ullaneule.net. The shawl is knit on 6mm needles, and it used up a bit over 150 grams of yarn.


The pattern was somewhat boring, and I from time to time lost interest as the rows grew longer, maybe that's why it took me months to finish it, even though I made it a little bit smaller than the pattern calls for (did only 8 repeats of chart 2 instead of 10). I do like the result though!


The yarn, which I have used previously for smaller projects, still has it's good and bad qualities. On the plus side, it's really soft, springy and has a fantastic, saturated colour. It feels good to the hand, and slides nicely oover the needles. On the other hand, it's quite splitty and sometimes the smooth surface is too much and the sticthes slide off the needles.


It's also a "heavy" yarn; you get few meters for your grams, so a shawl will weight 150 grams instead of 100 if you were to do it with mohair or wool. Not that that matters in a shawl, but maybe in a tank top or cardigan? I haven't blocked the shawl, so I don't know if it will block... but I think the shawl looks really nice even without blocking. On and by the way, the yarn can be machine washed 30 degrees delicate.

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