101 in 1001 vol 2 from 2011-2014 - a wrap-up

I visited the USA

On 14th of January, 2012 I posted a list of 101 goals I wanted to reach during the next 1001 days. This was my second ever list of this kind. And behold, on the 29th of September these 1001 days were through. Such a long but still such a short time - about 2,5 years.


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Finland Summer of 2014


This summer was also spent (well, a few weeks of it... let's face it, the best weeks) in Finland, my home country. The weather was kind, and the people were great. Here are some pics for you to look at:


We picked cherries (actually, we cut the tree too!)


The yard was summery


We replanted some trees, here's my birch tree!


How was your summer? Please leave a comment!

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