Now, I'm not sure if this is really called freeform what I'm doing (see Prudence Mapstone's explanation and beautiful work for more experienced view of freeform) but I'll just go ahead and call it that.


I've started a blanket. I started knitting by a square, and then another from it, then picked up some stitches and knit some more. I also attached a piece of tunisian crochet I had ready, and knit some more. It's so much fun!

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Novice felting

While Nic was on the road, I decided to knit and felt him a pair of bootees, or houseshoes, or how do you call them. See, my sister had knit and felt these bootees for me, and they are of course especially warm and comfortable on our cold floors. So Nic had asked for a pair.


While in Finland, me and my sister went hunting for the same yarn she had knit mine with, but unfortunately that wasn't available in the shops we had access to. So I decided to risk it, bought a few other sorts of felting wool and started experimenting after returning to Ireland.


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