How do you like it?

This is it, the new I have great expectations for it! Plus it's so pretty, too.


As you notice, all the old content is not here. It will be, later on, after I get to transfer it all. That might take a while though. Also please note that if you have ordered my feed you'll need to re-subscribe, or if you have direct links to any specific blog posts you will need to relink them too (as the link structure has changed).


But the main thing I wanted to ask is: How do you like my new look? Anything you miss? Anything especially good? Something not working? Please leave a comment!


As a boon I'll be hosting a little competition around this. Anyone commenting (and leaving some contact detail) before the end of September takes part in a prize raffle! The (fantastic) prizes are


1. A bag from the Worsted-Knitt collection by Shirtsofberlin - you get to choose the motif, and whether you like a green or a natural colour bag (see below),

2. something handmade by me, and

3. something German


There's good chances for winning, so please comment and review my site, I'd be delighted to hear your comments.

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