I hate being ill

In my last posting I said that the week had been bad. Well, the last one was worse. First on Sunday last I get the most terrible stomach problems I've ever had, and oh boy did the 3-meter walk to the toilet feel like the 1500 meter hurdles on Monday (no way I could have got myself to work in that condition).


By Tuesday I was feeling steadier, and Wednesday was ok. I worked from home on Thursday, and got a sore throat on that day too. I dragged myself to the office on Friday, and whaddayouknow, weekend was spent in bed.


We wanted to go to Kings of Concrete  on Saturday - forget about it. I wanted to get some knitting done, and blog about it - don't dream. Just stay in bed.


I did read a book, though, and a good one too: The Color of Water. This was a very touching story about a boy and a mother, and a very interesting life they had. I recommend!


Slowly feeling alive again, and on Friday I travel to Finland! I can't wait. 

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